The World Welcomes Poverty Relief

VOL.48 NO.29 JULY 21, 2005
  Cover Story  
Under the shadow of the London terrorist blasts, the Group of Eight summit held in Gleneagles, Scotland yielded progress with African aid promises. The G8 leaders pledged to double aid for Africa and write off the debts owed by 18 heavily indebted countries, mostly in Africa.

Kyrgyz Landslide Winner


China's Saudi Energy Link

Saudi Aramco's CEO in an exclusive interview

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Spending to Improve Military Life
Salaries and benefits increase alongside military budgets
No Sexual Harassment Tolerated
Legislation would outlaw sexual harassment in workplace
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Government guarantees clean drinking water
Pieces of Eight
G8 leaders vow more aid for Africa
London Won't Flinch
People can learn a lot from the most recent terrorist bombings
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Time to Read History
Challenges with Japan since World War II
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Landscape for Tourism
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The Power of Leftovers
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Government Spends Big on Autos
Legal-Ease: Acquiring State Assets Requires Special Due Diligence
State of the Market

Should Small Savings Accounts Get a Free Ride?

Little Critters, A Real Handful
A myriad choice of pets in Beijing's animal markets

Only China's Reality Has the the Final Say

Inter-Party Dialogue
Hu Jintao (right), General Secretary of the Central Commi-ttee of the Communist Party of China, greets visiting New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming from Taiwan in Beijing on July 12.



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