Building a Harmonious Society

VOL.48 NO.42 OCT. 20, 2005
  Cover Story  
Harmony can only be achieved when all the elements that make up life are in balance.This is precisely the vision of the 5th Plenum of the 16th Central Committee of the CPC as it strives to come up with a formula for national and economic development in its 11th Five-Year Plan.


Markel Takes the Reigns

High Time to Resolve Textile Dispute
China Not to Blame for Energy Shortage

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More Reforms on Cards to Ensure Equity
Harmonious society tops agenda at 5th CPC Central Committee Plenum
Up Goes Shenzhou, Again
More Room for Foreign NGOs
NGOs set to influence all walks of Chinese life
High Altitude Eco Watch
Protecting ecology on the "roof of the world"
Up, Up and Away
Hot air ballooning takes off in China
Online Tabloids
How responsible is the media?
Getting Recognized
What do Chinese brands need to do to gain global recognition?
Paradise Lost
Bali blast shatters its fragile economy
The Great Power Chase
India goes in search of energy
Good Neighbors
Sino-Pakistani relations rock solid
Railway Looks to Get Back on Track
Uphill battle for railway investment efforts
Need to Beef Up Legal Risk Management
Preventative systems urgently needed as Chinese companies face legal risks abroad
Home, Sweet Home
Well regulated low-cost housing needed now
The Theme of Things to Come
Theme parks need more originality to attract crowds
State of the Market

Why Is the Reputation of Teachers Taking
Such a Big Knock?




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